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Warehouse & Fulfillment

Climate-controlled warehousing, fast shipping and easy inventory management

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Specialized Office Systems offers state-of-the-art warehouse fulfillment and shipping center services. We handle everything your growing business needs to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Our online inventory management system even makes it easy to track which items have been purchased, shipped and delivered. Our process makes it easy to reach customers: once an order is placed online, we will pick it, pack it and ship it. Whether you need an order delivered to one location or to 10,000 locations, we will handle all the logistics, so you don’t have to.

Innovative Inventory Management and Order Fulfillment

Our Inventory Management and Fulfillment solutions allow you to store printed products, promotional items, branded apparel and other items securely in our climate-controlled warehouse. Our product storage is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and ships across the globe, so you can reach your customers wherever they are. We can also facilitate programs with inventory in multiple locations as well as expedited shipments for quicker delivery times.

Our inventory programs are completely customizable. There is no upfront investment in software or hardware, so you can lower business costs right from the start. We use detailed processes that include standard operating procedures and best practices to accurately process and ship your items.

Benefits that come with our warehouse storage services include:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Access to our state-of-the-art online inventory management software
  • Reliable cycle counts and audit reports
  • Custom inventory reports to enable better strategic and tactical decisions
  • Efficient packing and shipping, with most orders shipped within 24 hours of receipt of the order
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Our services make it easy to monitor the usage rates of all products. You can avoid depleting inventory and monitor usage to ensure enough inventory for even your busiest seasons.  Never run out of inventoried items again!


Our innovative microdistribution and on demand fulfillment is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced! Touch your clients, prospects, employees and future talent like no one else. Leverage the power of our technology, products and 35 years of experience executing these programs at high levelsto help you drive revenue and results in the new world we live and work in. Some of the areas we’ve pioneered include: 

Sales and Marketing Related 

  • Here are some ways that you can implement micro-distribution to make your company’s sales and marketing grow! 
  • First impressions matter. Provide us a list of your virtual sales appointments, and our team will send out personalized kits with samples, branded items and whatever else you desire. Your prospects will have your material in their hands before the meeting even begins.  
  • Stand our from the competition. Try a new marketing initiative where Specialized sends out physical products or samples for your prospect to touch and feel. You’ll stand out amongst the competition in this world of emails & phone calls. 
  • Did one of your clients just place a big order with you? Thank them with a personalized gift. We’ll handle the logistics, so there is no headache for you. 
  • It’s the 3-year anniversary of a business relationship with one of your top clients, so let’s send them a commemorative gift thanking them for their partnership. Give us the heads up, and Specialized will ship the gift and a personalized to celebrate the relationship. 
  • Instead of announcing your newest product over an email newsletter, let us handle the micro-distribution of sending out a sample to your top 100, 200 or 500 clients! 
  • What about your traveling sales team? Wouldn’t it be nice if they could request to have the collateral, trade show items, branded apparel, trade show displays, etc. waiting for them when they arrive to their next city? Trust Specialized to ship out their necessities and take the hassle out of traveling with all the necessary materials. 

HR Related 

  • Employee Recognition & Thank You! 
  • You value your employees and want them to feel appreciated and a part of your community, so let’s ship them a token of appreciation on their work anniversary. All you need to do is provide us a list of the names, addresses and dates. We’ll handle the rest with our micro-distribution! 
  • Nothing makes a new employee feel welcomed more than having their desk stocked with branded apparel & promotional products on their first day. Notify Specialized of a new employee and we’ll do the rest to make an amazing impression on your new team members! 
  • Do you have a team building activity coming up, and you want each person to be provided a matching shirt the night before? Our team will get the shirts produced and shipped out with all you needing to do is approve the art, send the sizes and addresses. 
  • Make policy and procedure changes a fun update by sending a related promotional product out to each of your team members along with printed material. 

Strategic partnerships 

  • Partner with Specialized to warehouse and fulfill all your distribution needs. Whether it be 1 item at a time or 5,000 at a time, we are here to take the stress out of complex fulfillment. 

Don’t wait to start saving on product storage and shipping costs. Contact Specialized Office Systems today to learn more about the ways we can help your business.