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Vacuum Sealed Water Bottles

We recently purchased a vacuum sealed water bottle with a straw lid for each of our employees because we invested in a filling station for our office. Each bottle is personalized with our team member’s name and has our logo. Our employees have expressed that they felt appreciated when they received the water bottle and felt as though the company is invested in their wellness.


Since purchasing the water bottles, we have watched the counter on our filling station increase every day, and at last count, our team has saved 1,660 plastic water bottles from entering landfills and/or oceans. This may seem like a small number, but if all the small business in Arizona joined in, we would be celebrating over 9 million plastic water bottles saved already! It’s time that we all bond together and do our small part because together we can make a huge impact.


If you’re interested in ordering our same or similar water bottles for your team, give us a call. We’re excited to help!


Join us in doing our part, and together, we will make a big difference!