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The First 30 Years of Our History: Part II

This year, Specialized Office Systems celebrates 30 years serving clients.

To honor this achievement, we will be holding an anniversary party on March 26 from 4 – 7pm at our facilities at 19235 North Cave Creek Road in Phoenix. In addition to drinks and food, we will be serving up tours of our facility and a preview of new and exciting products and concepts to lead the way for the next 30 years.

Specialized Office Systems Founder and CEO Bruce Goldberg in January, 1987.

The mid-1990s brought tremendous opportunity and growth to Specialized Office Systems. In order to serve a growing roster of clients, the organization
moved into a larger facility with expanded print shop in north Phoenix. New technology and meant Specialized could offer an expanded product line with
greater customization for client needs.

Bruce Goldberg outside of the old Specialized Office Systems facility, ca. 1995.

Specialized Office Systems gained a reputation in Central Arizona for superior product quality, on time delivery and customer service. Product lines expanded
to include four-color printing in addition to forms and envelopes.

VP & GM Brad Weintraub and Sales Consultant Linda Walker present at a trade show in 1999.

By the late 1990s, Specialized Office Systems expanded beyond the Phoenix area to become a regional leader. Southern Nevada, Northern Arizona and Tucson
became new successful markets for the company.

Specialized Office Systems sales consultants return from visiting clients in 1998. Notice the paper airline tickets in Debbie Cox’s hand. Much
has changed in 17 years.

Next week, we will look back on the 2000s.