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Modern Office Cubicles in Phoenix, AZ

Create a functional office with cubicles that foster a collaborative environment

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Modern Cubicles

Give your office a professional feel that can only be provided by cubicle systems. No matter the space, our team of modern cubicle system experts are here to meet the needs of your office. Current low wall cubicles take up much less space than cubicles from the 90s. They are custom-designed to fit any size office, no matter how irregular the space might be!

Studies on modern work ethic have given way to the current trend of flexible and collaborative workspaces. These new commercial cubicles encourage creativity, productivity, and most importantly, job satisfaction.

open office with modern cubicles
modern office with commercial cubicles

Collaborative Cubicles

Modern collaborative cubicles are gaining popularity. These low wall office cubicles provide employees with a better line of sight and open up the workspace to give a much airier feel. The low wall height lends itself easier to coworker collaboration. Available in a variety of colors, sizes, materials, and configurations, Specialized easily meets the needs of your application.

Low profile panels on modern cubicles are also portable and adjustable! There are thousands of possible configurations in your open-concept office. If your team outgrows your initial design, it’s a quick fix to reorganize and accommodate your changing needs. Some modern cubicle systems even offer portability for endless customization.

Commercial Cubicle Customization & Accessories

No two workspaces are alike and with our open-concept office cubicles, we can meet the needs for a variety of offices. Commercial cubicle components range from desks, storage accessories, and modular panels to office benching.

Benefits of Modern Office Cubicle Systems

Modern office cubicles and workstations not only look great but also provide many benefits to your office. Increased productivity, space efficiency, and improved focus are just some of the many benefits these systems bring to your workspace!

Increase Office Productivity

A low wall commercial cubicle is usually around 42 inches tall. This is the perfect height for your staff to see around the office. The low wall on a modern cubicle lends itself perfectly to conversation without your staff needing to stand up or walk around. This can lead to quick responses and idea generation, which increases productivity.

urban office with modern cubicle systems

Easy Impromptu Meetings

Collaboration has never been easier thanks to our low wall cubicles or peninsula tops. Display a project or have coworkers join in on the conversation when discussing an idea. No need for a conference room – just start it right at your desk!

Why Choose Specialized Office Systems for Commercial Cubicles?

At Specialized, we know offices. From space planning to installation and delivery, we work with you every step of the way. We also have a wide variety of partners who offer the best office furniture.

Space Planning for Office Systems

We are excited to help your company transform the office into a modern workplace. Our sales consultants will work with you to plan out any room or building. We make sure to meet your needs with the best in modern cubicle furniture. We also offer desk chairs and a wide range of sit-stand desks.

Cubicle Installation & Delivery

Forget Googling how to assemble office cubicles, at Specialized we can haul out your old cubicles and install your new ones for you! From delivery to installation, we are ready to be your cubicle systems source! Contact us today for a free quote!