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Adjustable Standing Desks

We Offer Adjustable Standing Desks for Every Office

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Specialized Office Systems is a leader in adjustable standing desk options for companies of all sizes. We excel in sit-stand desks to provide your office with improved comfort and health! Our offerings range from electric to manual sit-stand desks and standing desk converters for those who want to keep their existing desk.

The Benefits of a Sit-Stand Desk

  • Standing Desks Improve Circulation
  • Standup Desks Even Improve Mood & Morale
  • Elevated Desks Help Increase Productivity
  • A Standing Desk Reduces Back Pain
  • Standup Desks Even Reduce Neck Pain
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Electric Standing Desks

An electric standing desk is the ultimate in office luxury and convenience. To ensure a productive workday, desk adjustments are effortlessly made with the tap of a button. Some offerings come with memory presets meaning you can save your seat height and standing height to ensure a productive workday.

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Adjustable Standing Desks

A manual adjustable desk is the perfect option for those who are looking for a standing desk without the extra cost of electric operation. With manual adjustment, there is added benefit of having to physically crank your way to your desired height. With a rate of 2-6 turns per inch, you get accurate adjustments every time. No motors or cords ensure silent operation!

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Standing Desk Converters

Curious How to Convert Sitting Desks to Standing Desks?

We have the solution! Adding a stand-up desktop converter is the perfect answer to any stationary desk that gives you the flexibility to sit and stand at your existing desk. Standing desk converters offer the benefits of a stand-up desk without the need to purchase a new adjustable desk.

Commercial Sit and Stand Desk Benefits

A sit-stand desk provides you with the opportunity to easily rotate between sitting and standing as you see fit. Not only will a stand-up desk add more physical activity to your workday, but it will also create a comfortable environment that will ultimately benefit your health.

One desk does not fit all. Height adjustable desks provide fine-tuned customization to provide you with the best posture possible. These desks accommodate a wide range of heights to perfectly complement your standing or seating height. Our clients love being able to have a custom desking experience where they can raise or lower the desk to their specific seating or standing height.

Our height-adjustable desks offer varying levels of height for sitting, standing, and everything in between! Just tap the button and watch as your desk goes up or down. Some of our offerings even provide memory functions for one-button operation to take you from sitting to standing or vice versa.

Standing Desk Converter Accessories Include but Are Not Limited to:

  • Standing Desk Keyboard Trays
  • Adjustable Monitor Arms
  • Adjustable Laptop Mounts
  • Wire Management Kits for Your Sit and Stand Desk
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Are Standing Desks Good for You?

When shopping for the right standup desk, many wonder ‘Are standing desks good for you?’ The answer? Yes!

Standing alone will put a strain on the back, legs, and feet but prolonged sitting can provide other issues such as back pain and heart disease. We recommend a sit and stand desk combination to provide you with the option to cycle through sitting and standing intervals throughout the workday.

Most Americans have long commutes to work and are desperate for a way to get up out of their seats! A standing desk will do just that – providing hard-working employees with a much-needed change of pace, especially if you already sit in the car or bus to and from work!

Standing desks even relieve back pain – if you are experiencing pain from your current sitting desk or are concerned about long term health, now is the time to invest in a sit to stand desk.

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The standing desk is a new take on one of the most used tools in the office. From blueprints and renderings to full standing desk installations, our team makes sure that you make the right decision to give your staff the best work environment possible! We go the extra mile to ensure your expectations are exceeded. Contact one of our industry experts today and get your new standing desk in the works!