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Keurig & Breakroom Supplies Delivery

Keurig & Coffee Delivery Service

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Specialized is a licensed Keurig Authorized Distributor. This means that we carry the Keurig Coffee Machines your office needs. From a directly connected waterline machine to a simple pour over, we have you covered. Most Keurig machines for offices are delivered next day to most of North America and plumbed machines can be installed quickly. We also carry the full line of K-Cups to make you an office hero!

Boost Morale with Keurig Delivery Service + Office Snacks!

If Keurig isn’t your thing, we also carry a wide selection of refreshments:

  • Pour Over Coffee Makers
  • Plumbed Traditional Coffee Brewers
  • Many Different Flavors and Strengths of Coffee
  • Cups, Lids, Creamers, Sweeteners
  • Great Office Snacks!

Show employee appreciation and increase energy with an office Keurig and great snacks.  Call your Client Relationship Manager or your Sales Consultant today for more information and to place an order!

Office Breakroom Supplies Delivery

Specialized has everything you need for the breakroom that your office deserves. From cleaning supplies to keep your office clean to coffee programs and related items, we’ve got your breakroom stocked. We specialize in building custom programs so let us know what you’re looking for and we can develop a custom solution using our products and technology to meet your needs.

Cleaning Supplies

The breakroom has become an increasingly popular place for gatherings. The higher the traffic, the more cleaning and upkeep that needs to be done. From cleaning supplies to keep your office clean to snacks to make your breakroom a meeting place where employees collaborate and work, we have your office breakroom supplies covered.

An Expert Breakroom Supplies Delivery Partner

Work with our knowledgeable staff on how best to provide refreshments and supplies onsite as an employee benefit within a budget. Pick and choose exactly what your office breakroom needs, whether it be dining materials, snacks, and beverages to cleaning supplies. Skip the hassle of picking up breakroom supplies, and contact Specialized today!