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Upload files from your computer to our secure server quickly!

Before you upload your document / artwork to our Secure FTP site, please make sure that your document / artwork meets our requirements by clicking HERE to view the SOS Art Guidelines. We’re happy to work with most artwork but there may be an additional charge for design work required to make your files “print ready”. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Customer Service Representative.

Please make sure you inform your Customer Service Representative that you have uploaded the files so we can pick them up and process them immediately!

Generally speaking, you can email your files to any member of Team SOS up to 15 MB, but you may upload any or larger files below with a TOTAL max upload below of 190MB. If you desire to upload combined files that are larger than 190MB, please email Service@SOSsystems.com and we will direct you to another application for your upload.

Any questions / challenges, we’re here to help! Please call 602-485-0900.

Upload Files

Upload your files below by specifying your information and selecting up to 3 files for upload. Please remember the max upload size for combined files below is 190MB.