Sales Consultants

Rusty Gaynes

Phoenix, AZ

In 2014, Rusty brought his sales and management experience from the technology industry to help Specialized clients take full advantage of the products and services offered.


Bob Bennett

Phoenix, AZ

Bob holds three decades of experience in the printing and apparel industry. Specializing in the automotive industry and multi-location businesses, Bob offers specialized solutions to boost market share and efficiency.

Contact: 602-424-6928

Debbie Cox

Phoenix, AZ

Debbie has been with Specialized Office Systems for over 25 years. Her deep knowledge of printing, promo, apparel and marketing has added value to thousands of organizations. Her work with medical practices and multi-location clinics throughout the United States has made her an industry leader.

Contact: 602-424-6913

Don Hodges

Phoenix, AZ

Don understands the needs of business owners and managers. Having owned a successful printing company, Don brings insight and solutions to clients across a diverse array of businesses and multi-location franchise organizations.

Contact: 602-424-6930

Gina Jansen

Las Vegas, NV

Gina delivers procurement solutions to leading organizations in Southern Nevada. Her work has resulted in office supply and furniture and creative printing solutions.

Contact: 702-364-0900

Linda Walker

Phoenix, AZ

Linda is a veteran member of the Specialized team. As the leading printing, promo and apparel consultant for the hospice, home health and rehab industry, Linda understands the needs of the medical community.

Contact: 602-424-6914

Randy Brick

Phoenix, AZ

Randy brings more than 30 years of experience to his customers. As a former business owner himself, he knows the everyday challenges that businesses face in today’s competitive marketplace and builds customerized programs to mitigate these daily challenges.

Contact: 602-424-6946

David Sherman

Phoenix, AZ

David joins Specialized after owning and operating a successful family business for many years. As a business owner, he brings his experiences operating a business to your organization. From streamlining processes to consolidating vendors and from lowering acquisition costs to creating successful marketing campaigns and initiatives, David is an expert you can count on. He always puts the needs of his customers first and takes great pride in watching them succeed.

Contact: 602-424-6941

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