Direct Mail

Direct mail design, printing, delivery, and reporting – all in one place

This is not your Parent's Direct Mail!

Direct Mail has been reinvented over the past few years. With the decrease in traditional direct mail utilization recently, there are great opportunities to stand out in the mailbox. We can help you leverage technology to deliver results that are more than 2 times the results traditionally seen with normal, static direct mail. Ask us about our variable data direct mail with personalized URLs (PURLs), integrated email campaigns, text messaging and more, that is guaranteed to get you better results than you've seen in the past. If you have a limited budget, we have some other tricks to make your message stand out in the mailbox!

If you want a product like USPS' Every Door Direct Mail, we have another alternative that doesn't require you to drop stacks of your mailings at each post office.

Specialized is also experts in critical document delivery. If you're mailing 1,000 or more statements or invoices a month, Specialized can reduce the time and money that you spend in mailing your statement and invoices. We can automate any reoccurring mailing you have, leveraging our bulk postage rates to save you money. Ask us today how we can help you streamline and automate your direct mail and critical document delivery!

Our customers tell us that the best part of working with Specialized on direct mail projects is we are an integrated supplier. This means that we they take care of every aspect of the project including design, printing, addressing, PURLs and reporting. One call to Specialized and your work is done.

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